Friday, 8 November 2013


Hi everyone ... well it's been just over a month since I last posted ... I've been sort of dipping in & out of my Cabin in between the never ending rain here in the North West of England, I've never known anywhere in this country that gets rain as much as we do in this region & after being blessed with such a lovely summer this year I'm really not looking forward to Autumn & the following winter months.
I'm seriously considering hibernating till Spring 2014.
SO - I'm just going to put a few photos on here to show you my latest  " makes "
A card & some jewellery ... I do love pearls & I had a selection of freshwater pearls just waiting to be threaded up. The birds nest pendant was a gift for a friend's birthday & the single row of pearls I kept for myself. Although I have a selection of more fancy designs I just wanted a plain single row that I could wear anytime so I made one in cream & silver & one in gold then I did a simple wire wrap pearl ring followed by a Copper swirl ring ... then followed by a beaded ring that I just made by curling the wire round & adding beads ... it kept me quiet for an afternoon while the rain created yet another river in the garden !


  1. OMG Angela your work with cards and jewelry is exquisite. Your sense of style and elegance is always a step above expectations. Well done you! I always enjoy seeing what you make, so keep it coming please. I don't recall getting a newsletter for your last post Mmmm, scratching head here

  2. Thank You Nikky for your kind words - you make my head swell :0)

  3. Let it swell as it is all deserved, I really do thing your work is classy and coming from me is a huge compliment