Thursday, 22 January 2015


I'm quite new to crochet & it's only recently I decided to look for my crochet hooks & refresh my memory with the help of Youtube.
That site is BRILLIANT for step by step help/tutorials
I made a few roses & then turned them into brooches then I decided to make a "scarf" but not a traditional scarf ... something a bit different ... I suppose it's a cross between a necklace & a scarf.
I like it anyway !
Even the dogs have winter scarves now

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


A belated Happy New Year 2015 to anyone who calls by to read my blog ....

I decided to take some time off from Blogland but I've still continued to craft so the Cabin has still been a hive of activity.
Last year we celebrated our daughter's wedding & it was a really wonderful day ... everything went to plan & we have lots of lovely memories.
As you can guess I was making all the invites / table plans & menus / favours / flowers  etc etc etc so I was really busy.

So, here we are at the start of a New Year -2015

Like most people I decided to have a good clear out of my wardrobe & decided to re-cycle a suede coat I've had for a few years.
I think I might have worn it 3 times at the most ... it's now 4 sizes too big after dieting for the wedding so I have no intentions of growing back into it !
It's made of really soft,good quality suede so I thought I'd take the risk & try making it into something I WILL use.
Over one afternoon I made the bag & used the lining of the coat to line it all, then the next day I made the flowers.
The leaves were already in the fabric I just cut those out & reversed them so the colour was slightly different & they are more noticeable.
One word of advice - use a leather sewing machine needle ! They aren't expensive. I only have a domestic sewing machine & it made the job so much easier.
I didn't have a pattern - I just cut an oblong out of the back panel of the coat.

So here is the coat before I took the scissors to it !  The last photo being the finished bag ...

Monday, 20 October 2014


My blog is currently having some time off - please excuse the dust 
I'll be back soon .... 

Friday, 8 November 2013


Hi everyone ... well it's been just over a month since I last posted ... I've been sort of dipping in & out of my Cabin in between the never ending rain here in the North West of England, I've never known anywhere in this country that gets rain as much as we do in this region & after being blessed with such a lovely summer this year I'm really not looking forward to Autumn & the following winter months.
I'm seriously considering hibernating till Spring 2014.
SO - I'm just going to put a few photos on here to show you my latest  " makes "
A card & some jewellery ... I do love pearls & I had a selection of freshwater pearls just waiting to be threaded up. The birds nest pendant was a gift for a friend's birthday & the single row of pearls I kept for myself. Although I have a selection of more fancy designs I just wanted a plain single row that I could wear anytime so I made one in cream & silver & one in gold then I did a simple wire wrap pearl ring followed by a Copper swirl ring ... then followed by a beaded ring that I just made by curling the wire round & adding beads ... it kept me quiet for an afternoon while the rain created yet another river in the garden !

Monday, 7 October 2013


I've said many many times on here how much I dislike making men's cards ... but this one made me smile.
Each year I'm scratching my head weeks & weeks before my husband's birthday wondering what on earth I can produce this time ! I've just about exhausted every hobby / interest etc that he's remotely interested in over the years so it becomes a real challenge to come up with something new ... so here is this year's card.
An OLDOMETER is basically a counter moving up a year from 53 to 54. OMG I'm married to an  "old "  man ... LOL !!!!

Monday, 23 September 2013


 Here is the card I made using the Memory Box Grapevine die .... I can't take the credit for the design of this card that is reserved for my very talented friend Nikky. She came up with the design & I used her idea & came up with this card.  So many thanks to Nikky for her inspiration. Why not go & take a look at her blog ? She has some wonderful cards on there .....


There seems to be birds & bird cages on everything at the moment from jewellery, home furnishings, cards & even wedding themes.
I saw a tutorial on how to make a bird's nest using non tarnish Artistic wire & thought I'd have a go.
I had some Swallow bird charms in my stash so I thought one would look cute hanging from the nest.
So here is one in gold using gold pearls ....

And this one is done in silver using some left over Shamballa beads

WARNING - these are really addictive to make !!!